8 Bad Beauty Habits

I quite enjoy reading about people’s bad beauty habits as it makes me feel a little less bad for having some myself. Whether it’s something major like wearing foundation that doesn’t truly match your skin tone (OK, so this can be me sometimes as I’m awful at matching colours) or something minor like not tidying your eyebrows as often as you should, I believe everyone has at least one bad beauty habit. So, in true blogger style, I have decided to share some of my worst beauty habits with you all.

  1. I have bad posture. This generally isn’t a common bad beauty habit, whether because most bloggers have great posture or because they don’t even class this as a bad beauty habit but I think it is pretty awful. I am quite a tall person and when I was at school, I found that I often slouched in order to make my height match that of my shorter friends’ height, leaving me with bad posture. It is something that I am trying to correct but quite often forget about as it is comfortable for me to slouch. Note to self: try harder. And if that doesn’t work, stick a ruler down my spine so I cannot slouch!
  2. I don’t wash my brushes as often as I should. I’m not really a huge make-up person and as such, there will be phases where I want to wear the minimal, easiest-to-apply makeup which is powdered foundation. During these times, I tend to forget about my foundation brush which is sat in my secondary make-up bag covered with foundation multiplying bacteria. I know, it is something awful to think about. In all honesty I simply forget how long it has been since I last used the brush or last washed it which means I am constantly transferring bacteria across my face whenever I use my brush. Maybe I need a brush-cleaning routine?
  3. I don’t drink enough water. This is pretty self-explanatory, but something that I am trying to change. There will be some days where I barely drink a litre and I know this is awful! I have seen websites that have before and after pictures of women who have drank 3 litres of water per day for 4 weeks and the results are amazing. I’ve been trying to drink more but I find it quite hard as I forget or I’m not urgently thirsty. Any tips?Water
  4. I am pretty lazy in the mornings. By this, I mean that I tend not to wash my face. I have some Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Face Lotion (a watery substance) that I pour onto a cotton wool pad and wipe over my face to remove impurities. While obviously this is better than doing nothing, I know it’s not a substitute for washing my face. However, it is hard to motivate myself that early in the morning when I have cleaned my face thoroughly the night before and I have a cheat option to hand.
  5. I don’t clear out my makeup as much as I should; I’M A HOARDER! I know virtually every single makeup or beauty product has a ‘use-by’ month guideline on it but I am terrible when it comes to sticking to them. First of all, I can never remember when I bought the item and I tend to underestimate how long I have had it, by a long shot. Not only that, I absolutely hate hate HATE throwing things away, especially if they are fine and still have a lot of product left in them, I just cannot bring myself to do it. So if I buy eyeshadow or primer and barely use any of it, chances are it will still be sitting in my makeup drawer months – if not a couple of years – down the line. Though I am good at throwing things like mascara out that have been directly onto my face, as opposed to products that I squeeze out onto my hand (such as primers or foundations).Makeup
  6. I touch my face a lot. I have quite a naturally oily complexion plus I touch my face a lot, which means my makeup tends to come off during the day quite easily. I find that I’ll have patches around my nose (one of the most oily parts on my face) where my makeup has come off completely and I will just have a harsh line where my makeup remains. In addition to blotchy makeup, I am also incredibly conscious about transferring bacteria from my dirty hands (and trust me, they get dirty from my job!) onto my face. Admittedly I don’t touch my face as much as I used to, but there is still definitely room for improvement!
  7. I don’t moisturise my body. There, I’ve said it! I am beyond embarrassed about this fact. I know, I know, we are supposed to take care of our bodies and moisturise to keep our skin healthy, young and glowing. Hey, I still get some brownie points for moisturising my face, don’t I? No? Well, at any length, I try to ensure that I apply baby oil to my legs after I have shaved to lock in the moisture but that is virtually all I do (apart from during the winter, when my hands are constantly moisturised due to the dry skin on my knuckles. Anyone else suffer from the same problem?) I dislike having moisturiser sitting on my body and leaving an oily residue so I’ll only tend to moisturise when I have to. I think I am also a bit nonplussed about moisturising since my skin is naturally soft and smooth so I don’t see a benefit from it in that sense. But, just for you, I will try to moisturise more often. Keep your eyes peeled for an update!
  8. I leave my nail polish on until it has all chipped off. I love wearing nail polish but unfortunately due to my job, I don’t get a chance to wear it too often as it gets chipped within the first hour of work I do after painting my nails. More often than not I really wish I had a job that didn’t involve me opening so many cardboard boxes or lifting so many microwaves as it would mean nail polish would stand a chance on my fingernails. Alas, that is not the life I lead so I tend to keep my nails plain. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since I am quite lazy when it comes to taking nail varnish off. Oops?Nail Varnish


So that is it from me and my bad beauty habits. They aren’t awful but I know they need work. I may treat you with an update in a few weeks/months!

As a parting gesture, I shall leave you with the lyrics to the song I currently have stuck in my head:

♫ The red car and the blue car had a race,

All red wanted to do was stuff his face.

He eats everything he sees,

From trucks to prickly trees,

But smart old blue, he took the Milky Way ♫


Peace, love and happiness


– Taisie ♥


Comments always appreciated :)

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