Makeup Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline 2

I had heard a lot of hype surrounding the Maybelline Baby Lips products so when I went into Boots earlier in the year and saw they were on a Buy One Get One Half Price offer, I knew I had to get some immediately. I decided to buy the Hydrate lip balm to see if it could cure my dry lips and also the Pink Punch one as I loved the idea of a tinted lip balm. I have always wanted to wear pink lipstick but I am too afraid of buying some and wearing the solid, noticeable colour – I thought this colouring would be a bit more subtle.
I was super excited to try them both out and loved how easily they glided onto my lips, but the results were actually incredibly disappointing.

I find the Hydrate one has a bit of a peculiar scent – it’s not horrible but it’s not exactly very appealing either. As for the Pink Punch balm, the pink colour was subtle at first but became very noticeable later through the day as it stuck to the new chapped skin on my lips.
The reason I say “new chapped skin” is because I noticed that at the start of the day, before putting any lip balm on, my lips would be a little dry but very smooth. However, after about an hour of applying the balm my lips were cracked and the colouring just congregated at the very dry skin, making my lips look worse than if I hadn’t used the balm!
I thought it might just be due to the pink colouring so I bought the Cherry Me one recently to try out. Now I have to say that I absolutely love the scent and I adore the colouring of it. But that is it. Similar to the Hydrate balm, the product doesn’t stay on my lips for longer than an hour and, similar to the Pink Punch one, the colour congregates around the dry skin caused by the product.
One of the attributes that I had liked about these products was the hint of colour but I found that by the end of the day, my lips were either fuchsia or bright red as I had been reapplying the product to try and hydrate my lips, which should have happened during the first application. I have even tried to apply a different balm as a base coat before applying the coloured balms (purely using them for their tint of colour) but I find that they even dry a Vaseline base out!
And it isn’t just the coloured ones that dry my lips – it is also the Hydrate balm that does so, which is ludicrous as the name says it is supposed to Hydrate, not Dehydrate!
I am going to continue to use these products up as I hate wasting products and they do glide on easily but I will make sure to use a base lip balm underneath and I will definitely NOT be buying these again unless Maybelline pull their fingers out and change the formula!

– Taisie ♥


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