Why Don’t I Have It Yet? Payday Wishlist!

Payday Wishlist September 2014

Since I have recently moved back in with my parents, things aren’t going to be as tight (money-wise) as they have been over the past six months. I should be putting money aside however there is a large part of me that just wants to unleash the inner shopaholic inside of me and spend, spend, spend! So I have created a list of well-known and immensely loved makeup products that I don’t have but am itching to get. If I can’t buy them all at once maybe I can treat myself to a few per month all up until Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Why Don’t I Have It Yet? Payday Wishlist!

    • I have – I think it looks really weird! I’d have to be very careful using it as I’d be afraid of my hair getting caught up in it but my hair is fairly thick and long so curling it all manually, winding a thin section around a barrel and holding it for seconds, takes so long that by the time I’ve finished, the first curls I did have dropped out! I’d like to try one out first before I buy it to see up close how it works and if it works on my hair 🙂

    • I don’t tend to curl my hair a lot as I’m trying to avoid using heat on it until it grows but the curl secret really entertains me! It seems like such an innovative way of curling hair!
      I’m tempted to get the Naked Palette and brushes this payday and stagger everything else out over the next few months because I added it up and it came to like £200 for the makeup, let alone the curl secret :S

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