10 Things I Look for in a Guy

10 Things Partner

I was 19 before I met my first (and current) boyfriend, which gave me a lot of time during my teenage years to dream of my Mr Perfect. As a result, I knew the characteristics that potential suitors would have to possess for me to consider dating them. After all, the best things come to those who wait.

  1. Intelligent – I’m not expecting him to have an IQ of 190 and be a Harvard graduate. However, he has to have a certain level of intelligence so it doesn’t feel like I’m talking to a brick wall when we converse.
  2. Challenging – I don’t want someone to agree with everything I say; if I say or do something wrong, I want him to tell me that he doesn’t agree with me.
  3. Dominant – it can be quite hard for me to make my mind up about things sometimes, which means I don’t always know where to go for lunch or what to do on our day off so I like to be told what we are doing instead.
  4. Sense of humour – I think this is on most people’s lists. I want to be able to laugh and have fun in my relationship and having a complementary sense of humour to my Mr Perfect allows just that to happen.
  5. Romantic – I grew up on Disney films so the romantic thread is entwined within my body and I want someone to recognise and reciprocate this. I’m not asking for 100% romance 24/7 as I think even I would get a bit bored of that, but a little romance here and some romance there is definitely a winning concoction.
  6. Loyal – again, I think this is on everyone’s list. I want someone I know I can trust to be loyal to me, both in the sense of not seeking out other women and also standing up for me if someone should ever talk bad about me behind my back.
  7. Ambitious – who wants to be in a relationship with someone without ambitions? Mr Perfect has the desire to succeed in life and do well in everything and anything he chooses to do.
  8. Honest – I absolutely cannot stand liars. A little white lie to cover up a surprise is just about acceptable but that’s about it. A little white lie to make his life easier is, to me, on par with weaving a web of lies so immense I don’t even know who he is.
  9. Attentive – by this, I mean that when I speak, I want 100% of his attention. I don’t want him to be watching the TV and only half listening to me, or looking at me when I am speaking but thinking about work the next day. When I am speaking to him, I want to be speaking to him.
  10. Understanding – I will hold my hands up and be the first to admit that I can be very sensitive at times, however my feelings are deserved and legitimate which means that at times, I will need someone to be understanding and listen to my feelings, instead of just telling me “everything will be alright” or “it’s not that bad”.

And they are my top 10 qualities I look for in a partner. While my boyfriend doesn’t have all 10 characteristics, he does have the majority. For me, it was never about finding someone with all 10 qualities as there are other aspects that need to be considered as well, like how well we get on together and the “spark” that has to be there. However, it has always been about finding someone with a suitable mixture of those qualities, which my boyfriend possesses.

What are your top 10 qualities you look for in a partner?

– Taisie ♥


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