Lessons Learnt #2

Last September, my friend and I went into Birmingham to watch the Lion King. We got to New Street Station and got a little bit lost walking to the Hippodrome – we went in completely the wrong direction, making the five minute journey last twenty-five minutes. We were only seconds away from being shut out of the first half of the show but luckily we made it just in time. We both loved the performance and I would definitely recommend watching it if you are contemplating going.

After the show, we made our way back to New Street and used the time we were waiting for the train to catch up on recent life events as we don’t get to see each other much. The train pulled up a bit early so we got on it. About twenty minutes into the journey, my friend realised she didn’t recognise the surroundings. Turns out we had gotten on the wrong train, in the wrong direction.

Source: londontheatredirect.com

Source: londontheatredirect.com

We got off at the next stop and looked at timetables. As if it wasn’t bad enough that we had gotten on the train in the wrong direction, we realised that the last train to our destination was due to leave New Street about five minutes later, which was no good when we were twenty minutes away from Birmingham.

We decided to get a train back to New Street and then get a taxi to Lichfield, stopping off at a cash point along the way to draw out the £60 fare. It was actually surprisingly hard to catch a taxi in Brum because even though we were waiting in line at a taxi rank, other people weren’t! They pushed in front of us and most taxi drivers didn’t seem to care about who was first in the queue or who had been waiting the longest, as long as they got customers.

We were relieved to finally be able to sit and relax in a taxi, even though the journey back to Lichfield was awful; it was a Saturday night and there was standstill traffic in the centre of Birmingham. Luckily we were being charged a flat fare, instead of on a metre, else I dread to think what the overall cost would have been! Instead of getting in at 11:30pm, I strolled in at 2:30 am, absolutely shattered.

While we can look back and laugh on it now, I think we have both learned our lesson:
Always check where the train is going before getting on it

Source: birminghammail.co.uk

Source: birminghammail.co.uk


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