10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better than Humans

I am an avid animal lover, always have been and always will. I had a dog while growing up but when she passed, my family decided not to get another dog. Fast forward years and years of asking and my family finally gave in when I was 14 years old. 6 years later and we have two dogs in the family, Ellie and Tia, who have both taught me so much about life and love, including how dogs are better than humans.

Ellie and Tia

  1. They love you unconditionally
  2. They are always excited to see you, even if it’s only been ten minutes since you left them
  3. They don’t care about how you look or what you’re wearing
  4. They will never criticise, judge or talk back to you
  5. They are always up for an adventure
  6. They are very calming and distracting during times of immense stress and upset
  7. They can help you make a lot of friends
  8. They improve your health, mentally and physically
  9. They are utterly selfless
  10. They keep your feet warm in the winter

I have only just scratched the surface about how great dogs are. They do take a lot of work when it comes to training them and making sure they are walked and played with everyday but it is so rewarding to earn the love of a dog. It is safe to say that I never want to live without a dog in my home!

– Taisie ♥



4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better than Humans

    • They are so cute! And also kind of hilarious 🙂
      When my boyfriend and I moved into our flat earlier in the year we really wanted a dog but weren’t allowed one… now that we’re living with my parents we have two! I don’t think I’d ever be without one 🙂

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