Most Embarrassing Moment

Embarrassing moment

When I think “most embarrassing story” I tend to draw a blank. It’s not because I don’t have any embarrassing stories, it’s more that I tend to laugh at myself so situations aren’t as embarrassing. I’m sure we’ve all waved back at someone who was waving behind us or tripped and fell in public so I am not counting these situations. I actually can’t remember many other embarrassing stories (I’ve probably blocked them out from sheer humiliation) however, there are a couple that spring to mind but one of them stands out as being my most embarrassing moment, hands down.

A couple of months ago, I was in the bathroom with my friend. We were washing our hands before going on break and when I was in the middle of drying my hands, the phone rang! Since it was the work phone, I had to answer it despite my wet hands. It turned out to be one of the managers asking a question about some stock, which I answered quickly. Eager to get off the phone and dry my hands (and a little bit on autopilot), the conversation wrapped up and he thanked me for helping him. My response?

“OK, thanks, love you, bye.”

Yes, you read that right. Love you. I said I loved one of my bosses.

My mate asked who that was and when I told her it was one of the managers, she burst out laughing. Luckily, the manager that I had confessed my love for either didn’t hear me say it or he had the decency not to mention it since he never asked me about it. I thank my lucky stars every day that he didn’t…

My friend still hasn’t let me live it down though.

It’s not such a major embarrassing story (sorry to disappoint), but like I said I think I have blocked out the most embarrassing stories to avoid living the humiliation.

What is your most embarrassing story? Don’t leave me hanging here, guys!

– Taisie ♥


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