Disney Rewards!

It’s no secret that I am a major Disney fan. Most of my friends and work colleagues know this fact about me but I have found that not a lot of people know about one of the best Disney schemes out there: Disney Movie Rewards.

Disney Movie Rewards, Free DVDs

About two years ago, I started to expand my Disney DVD collection. I think there is something great about being able to watch any Disney film you want to at any time so I started to grow my collection. Fast forward to today and there is only a handful of the classic Disney DVDs that I don’t own. However, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I discovered the Disney Movie Rewards scheme.

I had watched Frozen with my nan and she asked what a certain piece of paper was. I looked at it and realised it was the slip of paper from inside the DVD case. I had just thought it was a piece of paper with some rubbish ‘rewards’ on but decided to finally have a look at the website anyway and I quite surprised to say the least.

Among the prizes are iron-ons, activity sheets and DVDs. Yes, DVDs. Free Disney DVDs. I spent the next few days going through all of my Disney DVDs and inputting each code into the website (you can only input 10 codes per day!) and I ended up with about 3800 points, which equates to approximately 7 free DVDs (each DVD you input is worth 100-200 points, each DVD you wish to redeem costs 500-600 points). The DVDs only take a couple of days to arrive and when they did, I was ecstatic to see that each DVD still had the slip of paper on the inside, which for me meant another 2 free DVDs! Again, I redeemed the points and had another two DVDs arrive in the post. I ended up getting Robin Hood, Bolt, Cars, Cars 2, Toy Story 3, Oliver and Company and A Bug’s Life during my first load and then Fantasia and Bedknobs and Broomsticks during my second.

Each DVD comes in its own cardboard package and takes only a few days to arrive, which I think is amazing since I didn’t even have to pay for postage and packaging. Plus, there is also quite a wide variety of films to choose from, including Pixar films such as Monsters Inc and Cars, classics such as Dumbo and Cinderella, and even newer films such as Tangled and Up. Overall, I am so incredibly impressed with this service that Disney have provided their fans and while it may take a while to build up a large number of points, die-hard Disney fans will benefit massively!

Had you ever heard of Disney Movie Rewards before? What is your favourite Disney film?

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5 thoughts on “Disney Rewards!

  1. Yes! I decided to get bugs life as im a MASSIVE disney fanatic too and already have the majority! but I hadn’t realised this was a thing until not long back so all those codes that my siblings have ripped apart and threw away cant get me anything else! 😦 My ultimate favourite though is the lion king, I love it! How about yours?! Have you seen the new buy one get one free limited edition cardboard packaging? or is that what you are referring to in your post? Love to see a fellow disney lover! Makes me feel all warm inside! 🙂 Whim xoxo

    • I love Disney fanatics! And I really dislike it when people say they don’t like Disney, it makes me feel sad inside 😦
      Oh no! Silly siblings! Luckily I never bothered to throw away the slips of paper inside the DVDs, else I would have missed out on soooo much!
      Beauty and the Beast has to be my all-time favourite, though I do love the Lion King as well! I saw it on stage last year, it was absolutely amazing, I got goosebumps! And I loved the Lion King segment in Disney On Ice as well, which my boyfriend took me to see last Sunday.
      I love the new cardboard sleeve for the films, though it does frustrate me a little as I have all of the DVDs that are currently on offer with the sleeve! I got Hercules when they had the green Villain sleeve and then Sleeping Beauty with the current Hero sleeve, and that is it. I feel like they should give away just the sleeves for people who already own the DVDs 😉

      • They absolutely should give them away! That would make me so happy!!! 🙂 Beauty and the Beast is a fantastic classic – the music is amazing! I saw it on stage a couple years ago too! I’ve never been to disney on ice, though my boyfriend has been like 5 times (jealous!) my mum has got me tickets for christmas this year! so I’m unbelievably excited for that and hope I enjoy it! 🙂 the sleeves are so beautiful, although they seem to be running out 😦 maybe christmas more will be released! 😀 x

  2. The Disney Rewards is an amazing scheme!

    I had all the Disney Classics on DVD bar two of them.. but I sold them all earlier in the year 😦 I absolutely loved owning them – and miss them a bit now – but I hardly ever watched them. They were just there, and I liked the status of having them all on my shelf, but I decided I was wasting money on them so got rid of them all. Sad times! I still have a few of my favourites on Blu-ray though (and maybe when money isn’t such an issue I’ll start to collect them all again on blu! 😉 )

    But yes, the DMR points are amazing – I must have had about 7 or 8 free DVDs thanks to it.

    I love a lot of Pixar films (do have the Pixar collection on Blu-ray – that isn’t going anywhere!) but for Disney classics, I think my all time favourite has to be Beauty and the Beast!

    • I can’t believe I had never looked at it until only a few months ago, I thought it was a load of rubbish until I actually looked into it properly.
      Ah man! It’s a shame that you sold them all, but at least you still have some of your favourites on Blu-Ray! I don’t watch the DVDs I have a lot but I’m like you in that I like having them so I know I can watch them if ever I want to 🙂
      I also have a bit of a Pixar and other child-films (like Anastasia and Thumbelina) on DVD too!
      Beauty and the Beast is my favourite too! I got the Enchanted Christmas on DVD last year and watched it over and over while I wrapped presents… I’m waiting until 10th November for the main Beauty and the Beast DVD to be released before I get it – I don’t like that they only release it over Christmas!

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