One Lovely Blog Award x 2

A couple of days ago, I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award, not too long after I actually posted about it on my blog. Since I have already done the award, I am not going to do it again, although I will mention the lovely Lottie, from Lottie Loves Blogging who gave me my second nomination – go check out her blog!

– Taisie ♥ | Bloglovin ♥ Twitter ♥ Tumblr ♥ Pinterest ♥ Instagram


5 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award x 2

    • I shall make sure I link you back in my next blog post! What you wrote about me gave me goosebumps and I may or may not have screenshotted it so whenever I am feeling a bit ‘bleh’ about my blog, I can look at it and feel better 🙂
      Also, I loved your facts! I really want to be left-handed 🙂 and my boyfriend has turned me into a bit of a gamer, though I tried playing Grand Theft Auto V and accidentally a) jumped out of a blimp and died and b) killed multiple people while pretending to be a taxi driver and then got scared when the police chased me 😦
      #wimp haha 🙂

      • Haha, bless you! 🙂

        Being left handed is a pain in the ass, honestly! Can’t use inky pens ’cause I just get ink all over my hand when I write. Can’t use scissors or tin openers very well (though this could just be down to me being a bit useless!). At school I had to make sure I was always sat at the left edge of the desk so I didn’t continually clash elbows with my friends, haha. Generally a massive inconvenience! I still like it though 😉
        Haha! I’m rubbish at GTA too. I’m rubbish at most games but still play them… any time I get to a hard bit I just make my boyfriend do it for me!

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