Wednesday’s Favourites #2

Wednesday's Favourites

It is time for another Favourites post!

This fortnight, I have been loving TV, in particular American Horror Story.
I started watching the series about two months ago and fell in love with it immediately. Before the current season, Asylum (season 2) was my favourite, though recently Freak Show (season 4 – the current season) has surpassed that.

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My favourite thing about this season is probably the characters and the set up of it; I love that it is about a Freak Show and it shows that the characters (‘freaks’) are people just like you or me. I also like that the writers have been able to incorporate sufficient cliffhangers at the end of each episode that make me want to go back and watch the next instalment, which can be tough for dramas to achieve.

If you are sitting on the fence about whether to watch this show then I would definitely recommend it. I personally wouldn’t say it’s a Horror Story as the title suggests; there are some aspects of horror in there such as a scary character (Twisty!) plus there is a little bit of gore but I wouldn’t say it gets my heart beating in nervousness or fear the way other horrors do. However, it is a great show and one that I imagine I will continue watching until it the entire series finishes.

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Who are your favourite characters? I love Jimmy the most, hands down, and Twisty is a very interesting character too!

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