100 Days of Happiness, 61-70

It is December 1st today, which obviously means Christmas is coming up very soon but I still cannot believe that we are on Day 70! 70 Days already, it has simply flown by. Anyway, here are my happy moments from days 61-70.

100 Days

Day 61 (November 22nd) – I started work at 10:30am today, as opposed to my usual 7am start, and managed to write about 2300 words of my NaNo novel before I went to work. I am super proud of that, especially since I wrote it in 38 minutes! I had intended to write more when I got home but I had such a busy day at work that I just wanted my bed when I got in!

Day 62 (November 23rd) – we had a late night Chinese. My mum really fancied some chicken chow mien and my boyfriend wanted some chicken balls so we got a mini late Chinese and it was delicious.

Day 63 (November 24th) – I saw my nephew! I went round to visit my sister after I finished work and I saw my perfect little nephew again. Sorry about all of the nephew related posts but I feel like a proud mother to him!

Day 64 (November 25th) – White chocolate Aero bubbles. Need I say more? I wrote 3016 words in 50 minutes while munching on an entire sharing bag of white chocolate Aero bubbles and it was GORGEOUS!

Day 65 (November 26th) – I got to spend the evening by myself. Living with my boyfriend, I don’t get much alone time which isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it is nice to have that time for myself. Tonight, my boyfriend went for a Christmas meal and then to football, so I was by myself until quite late.

Day 66 (November 27th) – I got to spend hours playing the Sims 4; I only bought it quite recently and ended up playing it until 3:30am – but don’t worry! I had a night shift to do on the evening of 27th so I wanted to stay up late in the morning so I could sleep during the day.

Day 67 (November 28th) – The night shift went quick. We all got a bit tired around 4am but we pushed through and it actually went surprisingly fast!

Day 68 (November 29th) – I WON NANO! It hasn’t been the best of NaNos since I’ve not written every day and had an 8,000 day catch-up yesterday but today, I was able to write the final 3000 words of the 50,000 target which I was absolutely ecstatic about! My winning streak of NaNo continues!

Day 69 (November 30th) – My sister, her boyfriend and the baby visited, which is a major plus point since I was able to take some more adorable pictures of my nephew on my camera.

Day 70 (December 1st) – there are quite a few good points about today so it is hard to pick one but I have to say the best one is 50% off the Body Shop. My boyfriend works in a shopping centre and the Body Shop offered the friends and family of the shopping centre’s employees 50% off until Wednesday 3rd December. I spent £33 in total (expect a haul soon!) but am quite tempted to go back for a lot more stuff because the Body Shop is so awesome!

So there are my happy moments from the past ten days… What are yours? Have you bought anything nice recently?

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