I Love Winter Tag!

I saw this tag over on Beautyminati‘s blog and I loved it! I will be attempting to participate in Blogmas this month and while I have most of my posts planned out for the next fortnight, I realised there weren’t many posts specific to Winter/December/Christmas so when I saw her post this, I knew I had to ‘borrow’ the tag 🙂

Winter Tag

1. Do you like the cold?

This one depends on where I am: if I am wrapped up warm indoors and don’t have to be anywhere then yes, I do. If I am at work/walking/have to go somewhere, not so much. I’m pretty much always cold anyway, even in the summer, so it becomes unbearable for me during winter. I’m currently at a shirt-tally of 3 (plus one jacket) for when I go to work, let’s just see how that increases as winter gets worse!

2. Favourite Part About Winter?

The holiday season. I love Christmas, love love love it! I think it is so magical and it is something for everyone to look forward to. Part of me does feel as though it is a bit of an anticlimax just for one day, however, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it!

3. Favourite Winter Drink?

Boring hot chocolate. The reason I say ‘boring ‘ is because there is no skinny/tall/pumpkin macchiato with a shot of espresso and a sprinkling of cocoa or whatever fancy names they have at Starbucks. Get half a mug of warm milk, half a mug of hot water and add about four teaspoons of drinking chocolate powder and boom, my favourite winter drink. It is also the only warm drink I like, hence why it is perfect for winter!

4. Do You Do Any Outdoor Activities In The Winter?

I went snowboarding earlier in the year which I would love to do again but I can’t say I really have any specific outdoor winter activities.

5. Favourite Winter Scent?

There is a Lily Flame candle called Merry Christmas that reminds me slightly of Christmas but I can’t really say I have a particular winter scent. I’ll have to have a think of that one!

6. Does It Snow Where You Live?

It didn’t during the 2013/2014 winter which I was quite disappointed about, though I did get to see snow when I went to America in January 2014, but there was a day of quite heavy snow in January 2013 which was quite exciting, even though all I did was sit at home and read.

7. Favourite Clothing Item In Winter?

Onesie! I will still sometimes wear onesies in the summer (I said I am always cold!) but I think they are perfect for the winter too. When I’m going out, I always take my waming accessories, such as my gloves, scarf, hat and – of course – ear muffs.

8. Your Favourite Winter Memory?

I can’t remember many specific winter memories but I will never forget how my sister, grandmother and I always used to make mince pies on Christmas Eve for Santa to eat when he visited. And how my mum and grandparents would always make us wait to enter the living room with the presents until they had had a cup of coffee, which always seemed to take hours!

So they are my answers… Don’t forget to head on over to visit Beautyminati to check out hers too!

– Taisie ♥ | Bloglovin ♥ Twitter ♥ Tumblr ♥ Pinterest ♥ Instagram


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