Wednesday Favourites #3

It is that time of the fortnight again! In the past week, we have entered December which has meant one thing… Advent!

While the obvious countdown to Christmas is a typical advent calendar containing chocolate, recently there have been other types of advent calendars appearing on the market such as Beauty calendars (think No7, the Body Shop, Benefit and Ciate nail polish), toy calendars (Lego and Barbie) and candle calendars (Yankee Candle, for example).

Last year, I went to John Lewis and saw something that I thought was a superb idea: an advent candle. This isn’t an advent calendar that contains a different candle each day, but is rather a candle that you burn every day, corresponding to the dates on the side.

Because I loved the one I bought so much last year, I decided to get another one this year too. They come in two different sizes, a slim dinner candle and a thicker pillar candle. Personally I prefer the pillar candles because in my mind, they seem more stable as they have a bigger base.

The candles from John Lewis come in different designs but I preferred this funky one as opposed to the more mature red and gold themed candles. Originally the pillar candles are priced at £8, however when I bought the candle on 2nd December this year, it was down to £4.

I love that I can see the candle get smaller each day as Christmas gets closer: it is a good visual way to see the month progress. The only drawback I have of the pillar candle is the burn-time: the total burn-time for this candle is 55 hours, which means the candle needs to be burned for two hours each day in order to keep on track with the dates. This isn’t such a bad burn time, however it can be quite hard to do each and every day and I find that it can be hard to get back on track if you don’t have the chance to burn it for a few days! Also, another thing to bear in mind is that the candle needs burning for a few hours before you get to day one; I didn’t realise this last year so spent the rest of the month playing catch-up.

Overall, I love this candle and this way of tracking advent so I will definitely be buying another next year!

What have you been enjoying recently?

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