100 Days of Happiness, 71-80

To think that we are 80 days into my 100 Day resolutions is scary. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that I set myself the resolutions so to be 4/5 of the way through it is mind-blowing, though these posts are a good way of keeping track of the time! So, without an incredibly long introduction, here are my happy points from days 71-80.

Day 71 (December 2nd) – my boyfriend and I had a day trip to Liverpool. We arrived at Liverpool Lime Street Station at 10:15 and left at 20:50 so it was a pretty long day, but we managed to get quite a lot done and it was lovely to spend the day together doing something, as opposed to simply sitting around watching TV.

Day 72 (December 3rd) – pyjama day. I spent the entire day in my house clothes, feeling super comfortable and relaxed after the busy day I had yesterday!

Day 73 (December 4th) – I finished my Christmas shopping! I think… I bought and gave my boyfriend his main present way back in March but I still wanted to get him some little bits and bobs to open on Christmas day, so today I bought him three of those little presents. I may buy him some more if I see something that reminds me of him but if not, I still have enough. I just need to wrap them now!

Day 74 (December 5th) – I read quite a bit today. I am currently reading Abducted by T. R. Ragan and I am loving it! I read during my break at work and have read a bit since coming home as well.

Day 75 (December 6th) – I am alive. When I was on my way to work this morning, I almost had a car crash. It’s not as bad as it sounds – we were in a carpark so were both going quite slow and we didn’t hit one another, but it still shook me up quite a bit. However, I was incredibly grateful for everything: for my life, for the fact that we didn’t hit one another so no damage was done, and for the fact that the person in the other car hadn’t shouted or used his horn, which would have simply shaken me up even further. I am OK now and am grateful for the fact that everyone at work was so lovely when I arrived late and upset.

Day 76 (December 7th) – chocolate! My grandparents put the chocolate decorations on the tree today, though I can’t say they stayed there for long…

Day 77 (December 8th) – my boyfriend and I went shopping to get some bits and bobs for Christmas and while we were shopping, we got some Thornton’s Chocolate (truffles!)

Day 78 (December 9th) – at the last minute, I ended up having the day off work. Since my boyfriend had the day off work as well, we went shopping and spent the day looking around garden centres at all of the Christmas decorations.

Day 79 (December 10th) – I had a nice, chilled morning. I wasn’t due to be in work until after midday – quite a difference compared to my usual 7am start – so it was nice to have a lie-in and relax during my morning while seeing natural daylight!

Day 80 (December 11th) – I finished reading Abducted by T. R. Ragan. I really enjoyed reading the book and will be posting a review soon! Now, what to read next?

What have you enjoyed over the past few days? Are you participating in the 100 Day Happiness Challenge or have you done it already?
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Comments always appreciated :)

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