100 Days of Happiness, 81-90

100 Days

So another 10 days has passed and, as much as I hate to admit it, I feel as though you should all know I am currently in bed with a massive cold. Yep, I managed to get ill less than a week before Christmas. I got ill about two days ago, primarily with a sore throat and a bit of a cough. However, that has now subsided into a humongous cold which consists of a runny nose and a stuffy head so I am sniffing a lot and inhaling tons of Vicks and I just can’t seem to get relief! Are any of you feeling unwell or am I the only one? Regardless, I knew I couldn’t abolish my Blogmas streak of posting for 21 days in a row so here is my 22nd post this month, my happy points for the past ten days.

Day 81 (Friday 12th) – I had half a day at work! Originally I wasn’t supposed to be working today but I ended up coming in for the morning. Even though I shouldn’t have been in, it was nice to finish at 1pm.
Day 82 (Saturday 13th) – I saw my sister happy. My sister and her boyfriend had a night without their child tonight as they went to Birmingham to look around the Christmas market and have a bit of a drink. She came round to the house to get ready and it was really nice to see her get all glammed up with beautiful hair and make-up and it was nice to see her happy.
Day 83 (Sunday 14th) – Christmas Party! Today it was my turn to get all glammed up, even though I only had about an hour to do so. I realised just how much I love getting dressed up and doing my hair and applying false eyelashes and everything; I have to do it more often!
Day 84 (Monday 15th) – I had snuggles with my baby nephew! It is so sweet to be around him since he is so adorable and cute and lovely. Aww!
Day 85 (Tuesday 16th) – I met with my friend today, after about four months of not seeing her. We spent seven and a half hours simply talking about this and that and all things to do with life and I have to say that it was very therapeutic!
Day 86 (Wednesday 17th) – sleeeeeeep! Last night, I didn’t get enough sleep and it was awful quality as my boyfriend had spent half of the night coughing and I couldn’t get my temperature right so it was great to be able to catch up today!
Day 87 (Thursday 18th) – counting down the days until Christmas! I only have three days left after I finished work today, roll on Sunday!
Day 88 (Friday 19th) – I finished the cross-stitching portion of my birth sampler for my nephew. I haven’t finished it completely yet as I have the lining and words to do but it feels like a massive accomplishment to finally be on the home-stretch!
Day 89 (Saturday 20th) – I had quite a productive day before work. I didn’t start work until 10:30 so I managed to get a lie-in, which was great in itself, plus I managed to tidy up the room and sort quite a few bits and bobs out.
Day 90 (Sunday 21st) – I broke up from work until after Christmas and saw my little nephew for a few minutes! I have been quite ill today so I was super glad when 5:00pm rolled around and I finished work, especially since my next day in is 27th – I just hope I can shake off this cold before Christmas!

And that is it, for now. Hopefully my next update will be a bit more positive in terms of my health and I’ll have gotten over this cold.


Have you all finished your Christmas shopping yet? I still have a bit to do! (Oops?!)


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