Body Shop Haul December 2014

At the very start of this month, my boyfriend and I took a trip to the Body Shop. He works in the same shopping centre as our local Body Shop branch so as a result, he, along with his family and friends, were treated to 50% discount from the store for a few days only. I knew I had to take advantage of this amazing offer so I dragged him there and wandered around the store for over an hour while I found the perfect items.

Baked-To-Last Blush in the shade 02 Coral – this is such a pretty colour. They offer this in two shades – petal (a more pinky colour) and this coral one. I was very torn between which one to get but in the end, I asked my boyfriend and we both came down on the side of coral. The actual blush is a domed shape, which I think is such a good idea since I always seem to wear a circular hole in the centre of my blushes, bronzers and powders, and for £12 it is also a very reasonable price!


Eye Definer in 05 White. I had a white eyeliner before buying this one, though it was getting quite old so I decided to purchase a new one. It was one of the first things I picked up as I love using a white eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger, which is definitely a secret to use when you have to get up before 6 for work! The RRP of this is £8 which may seem expensive for a pencil but I find that they last an incredibly long time so are definitely worth their money!


Brow & Liner Kit in 03 Brown & Black. I love this product, I think it is so ingenious to have the lid as a mirror and a foldable brush in the space underneath the brown and black shadows so for just £10, this is definitely a steal. I have been using this product quite a bit recently, combining both the brown and the black shades to line my brows perfectly, and I have to say that it doesn’t even look as though I have made a dent in the product so I can tell that this is going to last for months of daily use.


Colour Crush Shine Lipstick in the shade 05 Let’s Grape It On. I had been looking for the perfect shade of lipstick to wear for my work’s Christmas party and was overwhelmed by the amount of shades the Body Shop had to offer. I didn’t want to linger too long on choosing a colour as my boyfriend was patiently waiting to leave so I picked up one of the many that I liked. At £10, it’s not as cheap as some of the drugstore varieties available at shops like Boots but it is a very moisturising lipstick in a gorgeous colour.


Vanilla Brûlée Hand Cream. I believe this was approximately £3.50, but I can’t find it on the website which is so disappointing as the smell. The smell is absolutely gorgeous, it is so perfect, striking the right balance between light and delicate and sweet. It was a bit of a spontaneous purchase as I was on my way to the till and smelt it, but I am definitely glad I did buy it.


Vanilla Brûlée Lip Balm. When I smelt the hand cream, I debated getting the lip balm too. It didn’t take me long to decide that I would get it as I love the smell and I also have a weakness for lip balms, the only thing I regret is that I didn’t get the shower gel as well. What is great, however, is that there is a 50% sale currently, meaning the lip balm is only £2!


Vitamin E Moisture Cream. The one thing I had actually needed when I went into the Body Shop was a new moisturiser as my current Garner Moisturising Pot was incredibly close to running out. I decided to buy this moisturising cream as it is suitable for all skin types and I am so impressed with the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. At £11, it is a fairly expensive moisturiser without going into the high luxury brands so I was glad to get 50% off when buying my first pot to see if it is something I would pay full price for.

And that is everything I bought. While in the shop, I actually thought I bought a lot but on reflection, I don’t think I did! I had wanted to buy so much more – I had my eyes on their brush sets, their shimmer cube eyeshadow palettes and their Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation range, to name a few – and I really wish I had taken more advantage of the 50% off offer, especially since I don’t know when/if I’ll get another 50% off event!

Have you been to the Body Shop recently? What did you buy?

– Taisie ♥ | Bloglovin ♥ Twitter ♥ Tumblr ♥ Pinterest ♥ Instagram


4 thoughts on “Body Shop Haul December 2014

    • I know! I just wish I had taken more advantage of the offer – I was walking around with my hands bursting full of products, thinking it would be really expensive, but in retrospect it didn’t come to that much and I don’t think I bought a lot!
      I’ll have to have a proper browse on their website beforehand if there is another one soon!
      – Taisie

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