Updating My Bucket List

I was looking through my Bucket List earlier and I realised that I had crossed off some of my aspirations without realising I had done so, so I thought I would write a post detailing a little more about some of the things I have accomplished over the past couple of months in terms of my Bucket List.

Bucket List no. 15: Release floating lanterns – completed in October and November 2014. My boyfriend loves floating lanterns so when we were in The Range a few months ago, we picked up five and released one per night over the period of a few weeks. It was incredibly serene to watch them float up and away and it is definitely something I will be looking to do again in the future, possibly to mark a significant day or something.
Bucket List no. 20: Have a baby fall asleep in my arms – completed with my nephew in November 2014. I have completed this one a few times since my nephew was born on 3rd November this year. I really enjoy looking after him and want to hold him at every available opportunity and it is so adorable to watch him fall asleep as he is so cute.
Bucket List no. 23: Have someone make me breakfast in bed – completed in November 2014. There have been a couple of times recently where I have felt cheeky and asked my boyfriend for breakfast in bed before he leaves for work. I only eat cereal and milk in the morning so it’s not the hardest or most elaborate meal but it is enough for me! Though one day I would like toast and bacon with a glass of orange juice and a rose on the tray maybe!

There are some others that I would like to do soon too, like creating a jar of lucky stars, having a Disney day, having a Harry Potter marathon, writing a letter to my future self and writing a book I am happy to let people read. I must remember to look through the list throughout 2015 and pick aspirations to accomplish as I have toyed with the idea of one of my New Years Resolutions to be related to accomplishing Bucket List aspirations.

Have you crossed anything off your Bucket List recently? What have you got left? 

– Taisie ♥ | Bloglovin ♥ Twitter ♥ Tumblr ♥ Pinterest ♥ Instagram


Comments always appreciated :)

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