My Favourite Bikini!

Fingers crossed, I am going on holiday in June. It is my 21st birthday at the end of May so I would love to go on a hot, beach holiday to a place where I can do nothing and not feel bad about it. As a result, I have been doing a little bit of holiday shopping, both for the potential holiday in June and also for my definite Orlando holiday in September.

My fashion favourite this fortnight is a bikini. I have recently bought two and was very torn between which one to feature so expect to see my other one on one of the upcoming fashion favourite posts!

The bikini I am choosing to feature first is the one that I decided to purchase first. I have seen cage bikinis around on tumblr for a while now so decided to finally bite the bullet and buy one.

The one that caught my eye was this black two-piece.

Bikini bottoms

The bottoms are fairly standard bikini bottoms with square cutouts around the hips to add to the caged look but for me, the best part is the bikini top.

Bikini top

It is a longline triangular halter bikini with two straps at the bottom of the bust that are interconnected with the regular strap across the back by a series of vertical ‘bars’. I was quite dubious about the sizing: it comes in dress sizes, as opposed to bra sizes. However, aside from it being a little tight around the unadjustable back straps, it fits me perfectly and feels incredibly secure, though this may be a problem for women who have quite a small back relative to their cupsize.

I absolutely adore this bikini and it is one that I will definitely be wearing on my holidays! What do you guys think?

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