Bucket List

  1. Ride in a hot-air balloon
  2. Donate blood – completed 5/8/2014 – read about it here
  3. Save a life – physically or emotionally
  4. Ride in a private plane
  5. Fall asleep in the arms of the man I lovecompleted September 2013
  6. Help a homeless person by giving them food or a chance to get their life back on track
  7. Learn to do an aerial cart-wheel
  8. Get married and take his surname
  9. Finish an entire Sudoku book (I always lose the book before I have finished it!)
  10. Go to Hawaii
  11. Hold up the Tower of Pisa
  12. Learn how to play chess
  13. Visit Australia
  14. Be lovedhe told me he loved me on 24/12/2013 
  15. Release floating lanterns – completed in October and November 2014
  16. Live with the man I lovewe moved in together on 14/3/2014
  17. Be pamperedvisited a spa for an aqua experience in November 2013
  18. Donate my hair
  19. Whiten my teeth
  20. Have a baby fall asleep in my arms – completed with my nephew in November 2014
  21. Pet a panda
  22. Run a 5k race
  23. Have someone make me breakfast in bed – completed in November 2014
  24. Live in a house with a pool
  25. Cliff jump
  26. Wrestle in mud
  27. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels (if I ever publish a novel, this will be my reward to myself)
  28. Scuba dive – I cannot remember when I first did this, but I definitely want to do this again
  29. Survive high school – I had my final prom on July 3rd, 2012. At that point, I left high school/sixth form forever
  30. Throw a dart at a map and travel wherever it lands
  31. Have my first kiss – 4th September 2012
  32. Learn how to play the piano
  33. Decorate my entire house for Christmas
  34. See the Hollywood sign
  35. Ride a horse on the beach
  36. Own an SLR camera – May 2013, though I still need to learn to use it properly!
  37. Be genuinely happy
  38. Dance under the Eiffel Tower with the man I love
  39. Host a Halloween party
  40. Visit a spa – November 2013
  41. Do a bungee jump
  42. Make gingerbread men at Christmas
  43. Be proud of my body
  44. Have grandchildren
  45. Own a MacBook – 23rd November 2012, MacBook Pro 15″
  46. Have people remember who I am for a positive reason
  47. Walk up the Great Wall of China
  48. Have a surprise party thrown for me
  49. Create a jar of lucky stars
  50. Find a true best friend – one of the only good things to come out of my school experience was my friendship with my best friend, who I know won’t let me down
  51. Fall in love – I confessed this on 25/12/2013
  52. Have a water balloon fight in summer
  53. Sleep on the beach
  54. Ride first class – April 2002, though since this was so long ago and I wasn’t even 9, I would like to redo this one!
  55. Dance in the rain
  56. Have a child
  57. Get my driving licence – 17/2/2012
  58. Be the maid of honour at a wedding
  59. Have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day – 2014
  60. Get my navel pierced – April 2013, a bit of a spur of the moment decision
  61. Own a pair of Uggs – November 2013
  62. Kiss in the rain
  63. Spend an entire day watching Disney films
  64. Get a tattoo
  65. Learn Greek to an adequate level
  66. Dance under the stars
  67. Jump in a pool fully clothed at night
  68. Wear a boy’s jumper – September 2013… This is because my boyfriend had a cold house!
  69. Give a homeless person a Christmas present
  70. Be kissed unexpectedly
  71. Have a photoshoot with a professional photographer
  72. Write a letter to my future self
  73. Own a Michael Kors watch – November 2013
  74. Have a HP film marathon
  75. Put Mentos in coke
  76. Do something nice for a stranger
  77. Ride a gondola
  78. Move out on my own – 14/3/2014
  79. Visit South Africa
  80. Own a Michael Kors bag
  81. Learn to snowboard – I had lessons in January 2014, but would still like to learn to a better level
  82. Buy a new car
  83. Take ballet lessons
  84. Help children in Africa first-hand
  85. Own a Chanel perfume
  86. Go shopping in Paris without worrying about money
  87. Ride on the back of a motorcycle
  88. Put a lock on a love-bridge
  89. Hold up a “free hugs” sign
  90. Change someone’s life
  91. Learn to play poker
  92. Visit DisneyWorld Floridacompleted April 2002 but want to do this again, of course!
  93. Learn to surf
  94. Participate in a charity skydive
  95. Kiss someone I love at midnight, January 1st – 2014 New Year
  96. Have someone write a song about me
  97. Be blonde
  98. Have a loyal penpal
  99. Jump off a waterfall
  100. Rock climb
  101. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower
  102. Go to the Olympics
  103. Write a book I am happy to let people read
  104. Own a pair of Converse in every colour
  105. Sleep underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve
  106. Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube
  107. Learn fluent sign language
  108. Feed a tiger cub
  109. Swim in the Dead Sea
  110. Run a mile easily
  111. Swim with dolphins – April 2002, have to do this again though!
  112. Have a flying lesson
  113. Own something from Tiffany & Co
  114. Mend my broken heart2013. I can’t say when as it took a long time, but it happened
  115. Get a tattoo, even if it is just a little one
  116. Ride a camel and visit the pyramids in Egypt
  117. Adopt a child (this is dependent on money, however. I want to be able to give a child the whole world)
  118. Become flexible
  119. Get rid of the negativity in my life
  120. Have a walk-in wardrobe
  121. Pay for a stranger’s meal at a restaurant
  122. Watch the sunset at a beach
  123. Watch the sunrise at a beach
  124. Climb Mount Everest
  125. Celebrate my hundredth birthday
  126. Visit London – again
  127. Go to California
  128. Shower under a waterfall
  129. Read all of the HP books again – I am up to Order of the Phoenix but have misplaced the last 3 books in the house move!
  130. Stop caring about what anyone else thinks
  131. Take a picture every day for one year
  132. Attend gay pride
  133. Get drunk – August 2013. Can’t say it was a particularly pleasurable experience
  134. Run a marathon
  135. Kiss underwater
  136. Sleep under the stars
  137. Go on holiday by myself – January 2014, to the United States
  138. Shoot a gun
  139. Learn fluent French
  140. Go to Barcelona – May/June 2013
  141. Witness a wedding proposal
  142. Learn how to use Photoshop effectively
  143. Become who I want to be
  144. Go on a date – first completed on 3rd September
  145. Kiss under fireworks
  146. Shop in NYCJanuary 2014. I didn’t go to any designer shops, but I went to the Disney shop and that is sufficient for me!
  147. Go on a safari
  148. Receive one single red rose
  149. Go to a pool party
  150. Learn how to apply makeup properly
  151. Learn how to juggle – I know this in theory but simply cannot do it
  152. Own every Disney DVD – I am on my way there!
  153. Change someone’s life
  154. Visit Pixar studios
  155. Cuddle the man I love in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s night
  156. Grow old with someone I love
  157. Get tattooed by Kat von D
  158. Swim in an infinity pool
  159. Visit Germany
  160. Earn a degree
  161. Go to each continent
  162. Complete a Colour Run
  163. Swim with sharks
  164. Road trip across the US, visiting as many states as possible
  165. Kiss in the snow
  166. Learn fluent Italian
  167. Go an entire week without using technology
  168. Publish a novel
  169. Go to Amsterdam
  170. Get engaged
  171. Send a present to a soldier at Christmas time
  172. Finish shampoo and conditioner at the same time – completed 2013. I was quite impressed with myself
  173. Paint something on a canvas that I can hang with pride
  174. Have my husband rub my pregnant belly
  175. Complete a scrapbook, I have the supplies and now I need to put it all together
  176. Visit Japan
  177. Receive a hotstone massage
  178. Wear coloured contacts; simple things!
  179. Cut my hair in support of someone who has cancer
  180. Own a collection of MAC makeup
  181. Have ombre hair
  182. Go to a pilates class – completed in May 2012. I went to one free lesson and then didn’t go to anymore. It was pretty awkward when the teacher then got a job at the place I worked at and remembered me.
  183. Visit Brazil
  184. Confess my love for someone – I told him on 25/12/2013
  185. Draw on a pair of white shoes
  186. Make a million pounds
  187. Buy a Sevenly shirt
  188. Visit the 9/11 memorial – January 2014
  189. Go camping
  190. Watch the sunset with the man that I love
  191. Receive a promise ring
  192. Become an inspiration
  193. Learn who I am
  194. Leave a large tip at a restaurant
  195. Find someone’s lost pet
  196. Learn fluent Spanish
  197. Have someone win me a giant stuffed animal
  198. Slow dance in the rain
  199. Eat a cake without my hands
  200. Watch my children get married
  201. Have a “usual” place for food and drinks
  202. Visit paradise
  203. Move abroad
  204. Kiss the man I love under the mistletoe – does a picture of mistletoe count? December 2013
  205. Hold a baby lion
  206. Become an aunt – IN PROGRESS
  207. Get a white ink tattoo
  208. Repay my mother and grandparents
  209. Receive chocolates on Valentine’s Day – I received a chocolate lolly in 2014
  210. Have a shaving cream or whipped cream fight
  211. Be woken with a kiss
  212. Learn fluent Portuguese
  213. Stay up all night on Christmas Eve
  214. Start living my life
  215. Catch a bride’s bouquet
  216. Explore the Grand Canyon
  217. Throw a drink in someone’s face
  218. Visit HP world
  219. Go to a yoga class
  220. Get a mani-pedi
  221. Go on a date to the zoo – my first date, September 3rd 2012
  222. Sleep in a hammock
  223. Own something from Swarovski
  224. Visit the walk of fame
  225. Learn fluent German
  226. Make 1,000 paper cranes in the space of 3 years
  227. Design my own home
  228. Give a surprise gift that makes someone’s day
  229. Kiss a dolphin
  230. Go on a trick-or-treat date
  231. Visit Greece
  232. Receive an infinity/promise ring from the one I love
  233. Have a tree-house
  234. Visit Portugal
  235. Unwrap a Starburst with my tongue
  236. Be spoiled on Valentine’s Day
  237. Grow my hair long
  238. Go to Las Vegas
  239. Have a cream-pie/cake in the face
  240. Be part of the audience in the recording of a live show I love
  241. Hold a koala bear
  242. Ride an elephant
  243. Participate in La Tomatina in Spain
  244. Attend a masquerade
  245. Knit and donate 150 scarves for charity
  246. Make a rainbow rose
  247. Play messy twister
  248. Zorb
  249. Become a master baker
  250. Complete a Tough Mudder challenge

7 thoughts on “Bucket List

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    • On my original bucket-list, tattoo appears probably about five times 🙂 there’s get a tattoo, get tattooed by Kat Von D, get a white-ink tattoo, get a meaningful tattoo, etc, etc haha 🙂 whether I’ll actually get any of them done is another thing since my boyfriend doesn’t want me to get any as he thinks he will get grief off my family :’)
      Oh yes please! I’d love help with #98! 🙂

  3. Om my god, this is so awesome! I can’t tell you how much I love this list. Both mature and immature, fun and boring, awesome challenges up here. And so nice to see quite a few ticked off! Wish you all the best! 😀

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