100 Days of Happiness, 91-100

Not only does today mark the 100th Day of my 100 Day Resolutions, but it also marks the completion and success of Blogmas and my final post of 2014! A couple of days ago, I found my notepad containing notes about participating in Blogtober and what I wanted to do for me 100 Day Resolutions and it feels like I only wrote it one month ago, not 100 days ago! I remember sitting on the sofa in the conservatory, curled up under my blanket while having a brainstorm. And now, here we are on the other side of it.

Is there anything out there to make time slow-down?! Anyways, here is my final Happy Days post.

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Blogmas 2014 Round Up

After my 31st post of the month goes up tomorrow, I will have completed Blogmas 2014! My first official Blogmas challenge and success and my second successful attempt at blogging every day for a month (my first attempt was October of this year).

Blogmas WordPress

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Updating My Bucket List

I was looking through my Bucket List earlier and I realised that I had crossed off some of my aspirations without realising I had done so, so I thought I would write a post detailing a little more about some of the things I have accomplished over the past couple of months in terms of my Bucket List.

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Body Shop Haul December 2014

At the very start of this month, my boyfriend and I took a trip to the Body Shop. He works in the same shopping centre as our local Body Shop branch so as a result, he, along with his family and friends, were treated to 50% discount from the store for a few days only. I knew I had to take advantage of this amazing offer so I dragged him there and wandered around the store for over an hour while I found the perfect items.

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Christmas 2014

Christmas is almost over; the turkey is gone, the bins are full of wrapping paper and the family is sleeping away the meat sweats. This Christmas has been a good, family-orientated Christmas for me so I thought it would be nice to share a few of the photos we took yesterday to celebrate our lives, health and love.

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