Paperbacks vs ebooks


I am a bookaholic. There, I said it!

I have loved reading since before I can remember. It is the perfect way to escape to another world where you can forget all of your own problems and completely lose yourself in someone else’s life. When I was younger, you could always find me with my head in a book, usually a different one each week. Unfortunately, as I grew up, reading became less important me. I thought that schoolwork was the most important thing in life and while it is very important, I didn’t have a good balance between my personal and school life so I stopped reading.

However, recently, I have been putting more effort into reading and am currently reading my 24th book this year. One of the reasons I am enjoying reading more recently is due to quite a controversial topic among book-lovers: the e-reader.

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How to be a Gentleman



In today’s day and age being a gentleman isn’t a high priority for most men. Most men are more interested in having “swag” and being “cool” among others their age, however I believe there are still some guys who want to be that perfect gentleman, so here is my perspective about what it takes to be a gentleman. Most of my points have ended up being about the dating phase of a relationship, though I think a lot of the points can be transferred to those who are already in an established relationship.

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To Uni or not to Uni?


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If you had asked me when I was a child what I wanted to be when I was older, I wouldn’t have known what to respond with. If you had asked me when I was a teenager, I wouldn’t have known. If you ask me now, I still don’t know.

I feel as though most of the blogs that I go on have something to do with going back to university, whether it be tips for Freshers, organisation hacks or studying techniques and since I am 20 years old and haven’t been to university, nor am I deferring a place, I sometimes feel a bit left out.

I absolutely adore education; I love learning and studying and filling my brain with the intricate details about how the world works, so why aren’t I at university?


I’ll let you into a little secret: I actually applied for medicine when I was 18. I went to two interviews (despite receiving invitations to three) and had three rejections before I pulled out and decided to have a gap year. I got a job and had every intention of going to university the following year, but I felt so worn down by sixth form that I simply wanted a break from education so ended up not applying for university again. Continue reading

Hello, My Name is Bunny.


After appearance and sometimes behaviour, names are one of the first things a person is judged on. During interviews, meeting friends, applying university, your name will follow you whatever you are doing: it is you.

Which has always made me wonder… Why do parents give their children silly names?


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Is there such a thing as being too nice?

I had been planning on writing a post touching on some of the reasons for my upcoming move on Saturday but events at work have caused me to think.

I had an incident today where someone asked me to help them with something which turned into me actually doing it for them. They said they would help in a few minutes when they weren’t busy but never actually came to help me, leading me to think about kindness and being taken for granted, which made me wonder: is there such a thing as being too nice?


I grew up thinking that it is respectful and basic manners to offer someone a helping hand. Whether they accept it or not the thought is there. However, recenly at work I have been questioning whether this is something that just gets taken advantage of as it seems that there aren’t many people who would go above and beyond to help someone.

One of the people who has similar beliefs as me is my best friend. I work with him and he is a lovely, lovely person but sometimes I wonder if he is too kind for his own good.

If someone asks him where something is, he won’t just tell them where it is but he will take them to it. If someone tells him something about their lives, he doesn’t just listen but he remembers. If someone asks him for help, he doesn’t just do the minimum but ensures they are completely satisfied before he leaves. This all demonstrates how much of a lovely person he is but at the same time, each time he helps someone he loses time in his shift to be able to do everything that he needs to do, which means he can sometimes stay for an hour after he was meant to go home as he has jobs to finish. I can honestly say that I don’t know a lot of people who would go to similar extents as he would. I find that most people are unfortunately a lot more selfish.

For example, when did it become acceptable to ask someone to do something for you, instead of with you?

If I am struggling with something I always try to ask for help instead of asking for someone to do it for me because they way I see it, if I don’t like doing something, why should I pass that unlikeable task onto someone else?

And when did it become acceptable to speak over someone?

This is something I find happens quite a lot in my life. I’m not the loudest person and maybe I don’t have the best stories but my thoughts are still valid and my opinions still matter. So why do people feel the need to speak over me in almost every conversation I have? Is it because I am too nice and therefore let them do it for fear of upsetting them if I don’t quieten?

Ultimately I think the number of genuinely nice people in the world is decreasing and more and more people are taking advantage of nice people, like my best friend, without giving as much – if anything – back in return which, in my humble opinion, is never the fault of the nice person but rather a fault of the person on the receiving end of the kindness.

If someone helps you, reciprocate it by offering them a similar level of help next time or doing something sweet for them like buying them a cup of tea to say thank you or simply remembering it until they actually need help.

Don’t make them not want to help others but rather show them that you appreciate it and that they are not too nice, nor are they too nice for their own good.

– Taisie ♥

Thought of the Week

I am a very thoughtful person in my day-to-day life and recently I have been thinking about my future and what I wish to accomplish with my life.

My family say that they are always proud of me, regardless of what I do. While I don’t disagree with this, I can’t say that I am proud of where I am. I have got Project Confidence to work on my confidence and making sure that I am proud of who I am but I can’t say that I have anything to work on my life accomplishments. Sure, I have some little accomplishments. I donated blood a few weeks ago without actually passing out (which is an accomplishment for me!). I have written a few novels in my lifetime, which I hope to one day get published (finger’s crossed!). And, of course, I am completely self-sufficient, having moved out with my boyfriend 5 months ago and having learnt to cook, clean and do laundry.

But is that enough?

For me, the answer is no.

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